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The Congress Office

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Please use the list below to make an inquiry to the Congress Office. Simply mark the services you are interested in and we will reply with an offer as soon as possible.

Congress information


Name of the congress


Congress venue

Estimated number of participants

Estimated number of abstracts


Estimated number of parallel sessions

1. Basic congress office services

registration and written confirmation of participation

accommodation: cooperation with hotels, hotel reservations and their written confirmation to participants (hotel fees include a commission paid by the hotels to the Congress Office)

processing financial transactions connected with congress participation (receiving, registering, invoicing and refunding congress fees)

correspondence with invited speakers concerning practical arrangements (accommodation, refunding of travel expenses, etc.)

making name badges (includes name labels but not badge covers)

packing congress bags/folders

making/obtaining material for congress bags/folders (maps, various invitation cards, coffee/lunch tickets, programs, etc.)

list of participants (as generated from the computer system of the Congress Office)

cooperation with travel agencies in connection with potential pre/post-congress tours

mailing of congress brochures

organization and staffing of the on-site congress office


2. Practical arrangements of the congress

cooperation with the congress venue (auditoriums, seminar rooms and other facilities, timetables, audiovisual equipment etc.)

negotiations on meals and refreshments during breaks

use of audiovisual equipment (planning work beforehand)

Note! The organizer is responsible for naming a person to be in charge of the audiovisual arrangements and for naming AV-personnel to assist during the congress.


3. Social programme

planning the congress social programme and potential accompanying person's programme together with the organizers

practical arrangements of the programme (transport, timetables, meals/refreshments, etc.)


4. Finances

preparing a budget together with the organizers

creating a project account and opening a Nordea bank account for the financial transactions of the congress

managing the financial transactions of the congress (processing payments, invoicing, final financial report, etc.)

preparing possible applications for financial support

Note! The financial transactions will be carried out in cooperation with the university economics department.


5. Publicity

practical arrangements connected with press releases and press conferences

Note! The organizer is responsible for naming a person to be in charge of congress publicity.


6. Printed materials / copying and www-pages

preparing printed materials together with the organizers (posters, letter papers and envelopes, first announcement, second announcement, registration form, programme, abstract form, abstract information and the book of abstracts), preparing the texts in the form needed for the printing house.

cooperation with the printing house (inquiries, orders, deliveries)

making/obtaining necessary signs for the congress venue

copying and distributing handouts for on-site purposes

planning the basic structure and updating the contents of www-pages, cooperation with IT-professionals for the making of the pages (inquiries, orders); the location of the pages to be decided by the organizers


7. Abstracts

abstract registration

mailings connected with the reviewing of the abstracts

acceptance/rejection letters to authors


    8. Interpretation

cooperation with interpreters (delivering congress materials, venue information, etc.)

cooperation with suppliers of interpreting equipment


9. Exhibitions

a) Poster exhibition

obtaining poster boards and arranging transportation

marking poster boards

compiling a list of posters

b) Commercial exhibition

correspondence with the exhibitors

registration and written confirmation of reservations

compiling the written material connected with the exhibition

cooperation with the congress venue and the exhibitors, the organizer is responsible for naming a person to be in charge of the exhibition


Sender information




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Deadline for the offer for the services of the Congress Office:

Additional comments

What do we charge for?

For the above mentioned services the Congress Office charges a combination of a fixed fee and a fee per participant. These fees cover labour costs as well as general expenses such as office materials and telephone and fax expenses. The fees do not include any separate costs (e.g. mailing, copying , printing etc) caused by the congress. The fees will be deducted from received congress fees when preparing the final financial report of the congress. The fees do not include VAT. The offer is given in this year's prices, whereas the fees will be charged multiplied by the index of the congress year according to Bank of Finland.

Distribution of work

The services not mentioned in the offer are provided by the organizing committee. The committee also bears all the financial responsibility for the event. The organizing committee is also responsible for making it possible for the Congress Office to carry out its tasks in the manner agreed. A representative of the Congress Office will attend the meetings of the organizing committee whenever possible.

Should the Congress Office carry out any other arrangements than the ones mentioned here, they have to be agreed upon separately. Should the congress for some reason be cancelled , the Congress Office is entitled to claim a reasonable compensation for the work carried out before cancellation.