programme of the Third Learning and Plasticity meeting, April 2-5, 2017


Sunday, 2 April



Registration and Welcome reception at Äkäshotelli

Monday, 3 April



Opening words (Lecture hall)
Matti Laine



Keynote Lecture
Professor Manuel Carreiras (Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language):
The bilingual brain: Plasticity and processing from cradle to grave





Symposium 1 (Lecture hall):  Efficacy of transcranial direct current stimulation – the role of individual differences and task demands
Organizer: Susanne Jaeggi



Nathan Ward, Erika Hussey, John Gaspar, & Arthur Kramer: Stimulating multitasking behind the wheel versus behind the keyboard  



Erika Hussey, Nina Hsu, Nathan Ward, Arthur Kramer, & Kiel Christianson: Adapting conflict across language comprehension and production using HD-tDCS



Jacky Au, Benjamin Katz, Martin Buschkuehl, Susanne M. Jaeggi, & John Jonides: Enhancing working memory training with transcranial direct current stimulation - A discussion of moderators



Garon Perceval, Andrew Martin, David Copland, Matti Laine, Kate Riggall, & Marcus Meinzer: Multisession tDCS selectively enhances episodic memory formation in low functioning older adults



Short break



Poster session 1 (Äkäskabinetti): Language learning

A. Banaszkiewicz, J. Matuszewski, Ł. Bola, M. Szczepanik, B. Kossowski,
P. Rutkowski, M. Szwed, K. Emmorey, K. Jednoróg, & A. Marchewka:
Time-course of semantic processing in hearing adults during Polish Sign
Language acquisition: a longitudinal study

Joshua S. Payne, Paul Mullins, & Marie-Josephe Tainturier: A tDCS study of implicit learning of foreign cognate and non-cognate words

J. Matuszewski,  Ł. Bola, A. Banaszkiewicz, M. Szczepanik, B. Kossowski, M. Szwed,
K. Jednoróg, & A. Marchewka: Temporal dynamics of brain plasticity during
tactile reading training

Laura Ordonez Magro, Lucie Attout, Steve Majerus, & Arnaud Szmalec: Short- and
long-term memory determinants of vocabulary development

Nikolay Novitskiy, Andriy Myachykov, & Yury Shtyrov: ERP effects of cross-linguistic phonologic and semantic overlap in L2 acquisition: evidence for shared bilingual lexicon

Eleonore H.M. Smalle, Muriel Panouilleres, Arnaud Szmalec, & Riikka Möttönen:  Inhibition of the left Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex facilitates phonological sequence learning in adults

Sari Ylinen & Elvira Brattico: Computer-based learning of foreign words with and without feedback

Tuesday, 4 April



Workshop on transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) in cognitive neuroscience
(Lecture hall)
Workshop organizer: Marcus Meinzer




Lunch (on your own)




Workshop on tDCS continues




Poster session 2 (Äkäskabinetti): Bilingualism, neurocognition, speech perception

Anastasia Giannakopoulou, Maria Uther, & Sari Ylinen: Phonetic and orthographic cues
are weighted in speech sound perception by second language speakers: Evidence from
Greek speakers of English

Olga Dragoy, & Anna Chrabaszcz: Processing spatial linguistic constructions
by monolingual and bilingual speakers of Russian

Cuicui Wang, Zhen Yang, Sha Tao: Brain responses to letter-sound integration for
reading in English as a second language: Attention matters

Eva Viviani & Davide Crepaldi: How do we decompose foreign words?
Comparing masked priming effects in visual word recognition in a native
and non-native language

Jyrki Tuomainen & Yingcan Wang: Multistable speech perception: An ERP study
on the verbal transformation effect

Jayanthiny Kangatharan, Maria Uther, & Fernand Gobet: Native listeners’
intelligibility of vowel hyperarticulation and its relevance to speech learning in adults









Symposium 2 (Lecture hall): Attention control in the lab and in real life: From
basic brain mechanisms to clinical training interventions
Organizer: Juha Salmi




Satu Palva: Control of attention by neural synchronization




Kimmo Alho: Attention, distraction, and brain activity




Juha Salmi: Neurocognitive mechanisms underlying cognitive training in ADHD




Short break




Poster session 3 (Äkäskabinetti): Bilingualism & cognition, working memory,
language disorders

Anne-Marie Connolly, Eilis McLoughlin, Fiona Newell, Jean Quigley, & Paul
Dockree: The bilingual advantage in cognition in younger and older adults

Morgane Simonis, Benoit Galand, Philippe Hiligsmann, & Arnaud Szmalec: Does
bilingual immersion education influence executive control

Lize Van der Linden, Laurence Dricot, Miet De Letter, Wouter Duyck, Marie-Pierre
de Partz, Adrian Ivanoiu, & Szmalec, Arnaud:  A case study about the interplay
between language control and cognitive abilities in bilingual differential aphasia:
Behavioral and brain correlates

Yanping Dong & Fei Zhong:  Interpreting experience enhances early attentional
processing, conflict monitoring and interference suppression along the time course
of processing

J. Cespón, C. Rodella, C. Miniussi, & MC. Pellicciari:  Age-related changes in
working memory processes after transcranial direct current stimulation

Daniel Fellman,  Juha Salmi, Ulla Ellfolk, Juha Rinne, & Matti Laine:  Internet-based
working memory training in Parkinson's disease: A randomized controlled trial

Agnieszka Dębska, Magdalena Łuniewska, Katarzyna Chyl, Artur Marchewka,
Marek Wypych, & Katarzyna Jednoróg: Neural basis of phonological processing
in children with dyslexia and dyslexia risk – a longitudinal fMRI study

Katarzyna Chyl, Agnieszka Dębska, Magdalena Łuniewska, Bartosz Kossowski,
Artur Marchewka, & Katarzyna Jednoróg: Print and speech processing differentiates
beginning readers: dyslexic, typical and at risk of dyslexia. Longitudinal fMRI study




Social program


Wednesday, 5 April


Symposium 3 (Lecture hall): Cognitive effects of bilingualism and language learning
Organizer: Minna Lehtonen



Jessica K. Ljungberg & Daniel Eriksson Sörman: A longitudinal project of memory advantages in older age groups in Sweden - What we learned so far



Thomas Bak: Never too late: Language learning in later life






Jussi Jylkkä, Anna Soveri, Matti Laine & Minna Lehtonen: Assessing bilingual language switching behavior with Ecological Momentary Assessment



Minna Lehtonen, Anna Soveri, Aini Laine, Janica Järvenpää, Angela
de Bruin & Jan Antfolk: Bilingualism and executive functions: A meta-analysis



Closing the meeting