CELE 2012
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CELE 2012

Virtual Learning Enviroment Opit-service is shown as an environment that supports self-learning and homework activities. It's possible to watch actual students as they work with the tools and content in VLE. Key account manager Miia Vahlsten is present for a quick demonstration on VLE possibilities and for any questions you may have.

Sanoma Pro is the leading provider of learning and competence development solutions in Finland. Sanoma Pro offers one of the largest Virtual Learning Environments for K-12 learning to schools and students. This service is called OPIT, and it was launched in 2002. At the moment there are over 170.000 active users. The success of OPIT is based on an extensive package of digital educational content, advanced social / co-working tools, and user support, which is unique in Finland.

Sanako prides itself on providing the most effective and beneficial tools for language teaching, with an emphasis on best practices in teaching and learning and particular attention on applying research-based findings to its products.
During the session at CELE Sanako will demonstrate and allow participants to explore the true value of using language learning tools in the teaching process. We will highlight areas where research and best practice have been applied to the tools and show how by using Sanako's language learning tools it is possible to provide the most holistic language learning environment for your students.
We would like to emphasise that the session will be interactive, with a chance for hands on for all participants, at the same time it will include some practical and research data which participants can take away with them. Finally all participants will be provided with information for them to request free trials and demonstrations of all our products.
Mark Barratt, SVP Solutions and Services at Sanako, will present benefits of Sanako's solutions, how they are used in the real world and how Sanako have applied research based findings to our product development.
Petri Vuorinen, Principal of Raisio Senior High School. As a language teacher by trade and now a Principal, Petri will offer valuable practical insights in using language learning tools and also tips on what to consider when investing in language learning technology.

About Sanako Corporation
Sanako language learning solutions inspire exceptional results. As the global leader in language learning software, language labs, and next generation virtual language learning solutions, Sanako strives to improve comprehension, speaking and communication skills through efficient teaching methods. Sanako has worked closely with its customers for over 50 years for providing inspirational and personal language learning environments. Sanako's products and services include software and hardware-based digital language labs for classrooms, cloud based solutions for virtual environment, flexible content integration and training modules as well as consultation. With more than 30,000 classroom installations in over 100 countries worldwide, Sanako solutions suit a variety of classroom and distance learning environments. Finland-based Sanako has offices in 6 countries and works with a network of over 200 partners worldwide. For more information, please visit www.sanako.com

We furnish all kinds of public premises

Designing and implementing working environments that support the customer's way of working is what we do best.

Our customers praise us for our good service, our practical solutions, our high quality and our extensive, competitively-priced product and service range as well as for the Scandinavian design.

The best solutions stem from working with an expert.


Conference presentations are now linked to the programme below!

A collection of papers is currently being prepared for publication. See also the press articles (in French only): Barbara Ischinger à AEF, À Turku, Finlande, l'OCDE pense la salle de classe de demain

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

18.00 -21.00 Opening reception, hosted by the City of Kaarina

Thursday, 23 February 2012

08.15 Transportation from Turku (Hotel Radisson Blu Marina Palace) to Kaarina
09.00 Welcome address, Tapio Kosunen, State Secretary (Ministry of Education and Culture)
09.15 Learning Visions, Barbara Ischinger, Director for Education (OECD/CELE)
09.35 Aims of the Conference and Workshops, Marko Kuuskorpi, Headmaster, Researcher (City of Kaarina)
Part 1  Visioning
09.50 Opening, Hannah von Ahlefeld, Analyst (CELE)
10.00 Learning Process Tomorrow, Kristiina Kumpulainen, Professor, (FNBE)
10.20 Learning Environment Tomorrow, Jyri Manninen, Professor, University of Eastern Finland
10.40 Coffee break
Part 2  Future Learning in Action
11.00 Aspects/Learning Environment, Alastair Blyth (CELE)          
11.20 Physical Learning Environment, Jukka Sulonen, Architect
11.40 Kotimäki School, Esko Poikela, Education Director, City of Kaarina
12.00 Discussion
12.30 Lunch
Part 3  Workshops (Kaarinan Kehitys)
13.45-16.45 Workshops 1 - 6
1. Learning by Doing LE (University of Turku)
2. Playful LE (Lappset Group)
3. Flexible LE
4. Virtual LE (Sanako)
5. Co-operative LE (City of Kaarina & Sanoma Pro Oy)
6. Cluster LE (Isku Interior)

16.45-17.15 Coffee & Snacks

17.15 Summary of Day 1 / Visionary Panel
18.00  Return to Turku
 20.00     Conference Dinner at the Restaurant Alabama (Transportation arranged, 19.45 from the Hotel Radisson Blu Marina Palace)

Friday, 24 February 2012

New time!
Transportation from Turku (Hotel Radisson Blu Marina Palace) to Rauma
10.00 Welcome to Department of Teacher Education, Rauma, Professor Marjaana Soininen and Head of Rauma Unit Jaana Lepistö
10.10 Opening Address, Director General Aulis Pitkälä, Finnish National Board of Education, (FNBE)
10.30      Innovative Pedagogic! Adjunct Professor Vesa Taatila, Laurea University of Applied
11.15 Games as a learning environment: Children like them, but why should teachers be interested? Adjunct Professor Harri Ketamo, Satakunta University of Applied
12.15 Lunch and Poster sessions
Poster: Transforming 21st Century Skills Into Action: Applying Design Thinking In Education
14.00-16.30      Workshops (paper presentations) &  Refreshments
Group 1: School Ethos, Marjaana Soininen & Marita Neitola
▪ 14.00-14.20 Asanti Riitta: Safe and Active School Day - Well-Being Partnership Project between the Schools in Turku and Tallinn
▪ 14.20-14.40 Suvi Nenonen: Investigating Future Learning Environment in Finland
▪ 14.40-15.00 Melissa Gogolinski: Flexible Rural Learning Environments
15.00-15.15 Break
▪ 15.15-15.35 Tuuli Tiitola-Meskanen: Elements of a Child-Friendly Learning Environment
▪ 15.35-15.55 Anne Malin: Multivoiced planning for redesigning home economics classrooms
Group 2: Learning Environments in Contemporary Mother Tongue and Literature Education, Juli Aerila
▪ 14.00-14.15 Welcome
▪ 14.15-14.35 Katri Sarmavuori: Writing and its instructional methods
▪ 14.35-14.55 Kaija Ikäheimo: Children with reading problems read to a dog
▪ 15.15-15.35 Liisa Niinikangas: Transforming school libraries through educating teacher-librarians
▪ 15.35 - 15.55 Anu Ojaranta: School Library as a part of the learning commons
▪ 15.55- Summary
Group 3: Learning by doing with technology, Tomi Kärki, Matti Pirttimaa, Marja-Leena Rönkkö & students
▪ 14.00-14.20 Matti Pirttimaa, Mika Metsärinne, Jukka Husu: Procedural and declarative knowledge in the process of understanding the concepts of current flow and electrical circuit
▪ 14.20-14.40 Jennifer von Reis Saari: FIRST Robotics Finland? An example of a successful public-private partnership to promote science, technology and            engineering
▪ 14.40-14.50 Break
▪ 14.50-16.30 Learning by doing  (max. 10 persons, Teknika El 137) Maria Ahoranta, Sampsa Kullas, Matti Pirttimaa, Marja-Leena Rönkkö, Timo Tiusanen

14.00-16.30  Free Old Rauma Tour to Inspirational Learning Environment, Maija Esko and a Rauma Guide

16.45- Return to Turku