Presenters' guidelines

Oral presentations
Please send us your presentation already beforehand, by 25 May, as an email attachment (PC Windows XP Professional and Office 2007 or earlier) to If this is not possible, you can bring your presentation on a USB stick or a CD and download it at the symposium venue on Saturday, 28 May, at 15.00 - 20.00, and, if you arrive later, during the breaks on the following days, preferably well in advance before your presentation. There will be AV assistants to help you with downloading at the symposium venue.
Important: Please check the timetable for the length of your presentation. The given time slot includes also discussion and it must not be exceeded.

Poster presentations
Please note that the size of the poster board is 88 cm (width) x 118 cm (height). The posters should be on display throughout the symposium. Pins will be provided at the poster area. Your poster number will be printed in the programme and abstract book, which you will receive upon your arrival.