Thursday 9 September 2010

08.00–09.30 Registration and coffee

09.30–10.00 Opening ceremony

10.00–12.00 Developmental physiology of pain
Chair: Professor Klaus Olkkola

12.00–13.30 Lunch, posters and exhibition

13.30–15.00 Parallel sessions

15.00–15.30 Coffee, posters and exhibition

15.30–17.00 Parallel sessions

18.30 City Reception at City Hall (Aurakatu 2)
20.00 Bar tour + buffet dinner



Friday 10 September 2010

08.30–10.00 Parallel sessions

10.00–10.30 Coffee, posters and exhibition

10.30–12.00 Parallel sessions

      Chair: Dr Sanna Salanterä
    • All pain treatments should be evidence-based
      Dr. Riku Aantaa, Finland

    • Educated guesses are better than EBM
      Dr. Tom G. Hansen, Denmark
      CRPS in children
      Chair: Dr Nora Hagelberg
    • Development of CRPS – can it be prevented?
      Dr. Gunvald Kvarstein, Norway
    • Diagnosis of CRPS in children
      Dr. Satu Jääskeläinen, Finland
    • Treatment of CRPS in children
      Dr. Gunnar Olsson, Sweden

12.00–13.30 Lunch, posters and exhibition

13.30–14.00 Can we prevent acute pediatric pain from becoming a chronic problem?
Chair: Dr. Liisa Metsähonkala
Dr. Audun Stubhaug, Norway

14.00–15.00 Back pain in children
Chair: Dr. Liisa Metsähonkala

15.00–16.30 Good Scandinavian practices in the treatment of pediatric pain

Chair: Dr Audun Stubhaug

16.30 Closing words