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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We are delighted to welcome you to Turku for the 5th  Nordic Congress on Pediatric Pain in September 9 – 10,
2010.  Treating pediatric pain is a challenge and it should be considered an investment into the future. “Can
we prevent acute pain of becoming chronic?”, or “what consequences neonatal pain treatments may have
later in life?” in addition to several sessions dealing with clinical problems, are among the many topics of this
meeting. Beside scientific programme participants will have the great opportunity of getting together and
learning to know each other and creating a network with colleagues that share the same enthusiastic interest
in pediatric pain.

Turku is the oldest university town and the former capital of Finland. It is well known for its lively cultural life with several museums and art galleries. Turku has always had frequent connections with Scandinavian and Baltic countries. The Port of Turku is one of the busiest seaports in Finland, and boat-ferries cruise the world's most beautiful archipelago between Turku and Stockholm all year round. Turku is within an easy access from all Baltic countries with direct flights from Stockholm, Copenhagen, Riga and Helsinki. The Congress venue itself is located in the heart of Turku, with good connections from the airport and the harbour.

The meeting will bring together the Nordic “pediatric pain family”, clinicians from a wide variety of professions, pain researchers and students.

On behalf of the organizing committee and in co-operation with the Finnish Society for the Study of Pain, Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care as well as the Department of Nursing Science both of Turku University, I am happy to welcome you to Turku in September 2010.

Tuula Manner
President of the 5th Nordic Congress on Pediatric Pain

Scientific Committee:
The River Aura and the Doom Capitol

Tuula Manner, MD, President
Anna Axelin RN , Secretary

Riku Aantaa, MD
Nora Hagelberg, MD
Reijo Korpela, MD
Marja Mikkelson, MD
Liisa Metsähonkala, MD
Sanna Salanterä, RN
Hanna Vuorimaa, Lic Psych


The River Aurajoki, Photo by City of Turku