OSET 2015
OSET 2015


We are delighted to invite you to the 10th OSET Congress in Turku.

Turku is the oldest university town and the former capital of Finland, a fascinating combination of both old and new. The town has everything for the modern urbanite, but also for tourists interested in the treasures of history. Turku offers skilled and educated workforce, modern municipal engineering, good international connections and flexible services for companies and businesses.

The time of the congress, 8th–12th June 2015, is usually a pleasant season in Southwest Finland with plenty of sunshine and about 20 hours of daylight. Turku is a city where nature is always near. It is surrounded by thousands of islands; the beautiful archipelago. The city has grown on the banks of the river Aura in Southwest Finland. At summertime the riversides form a common living room for everyone to share. Along the river are located the old centre, harbor and many of the attractions such as the cathedral and the castle as well as several hotels, cafes and restaurants.

The Congress is held in the Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel, which has a charming riverside view. The Association of Biomedical Laboratory Scientists in Finland is arranging The Congress in collaboration with the Finnish Society of Clinical Neurophysiologic Nurses.

In accordance with Scandinavian tradition, clinical neurophysiology is an independent medical speciality in Finland and the laboratories are offering high-level, quality controlled and detailed testing methods. The program will contain extensively different examinations of Clinical Neurophysiology: EEG, sleep, intraoperative monitoring, neurography, evoked potentials, rTMS, QST and Quality. The lectures are presented in English.

Anne Hjort
Congress President


Mika Paldanius

Association of Biomedical         
Laboratory Scientists in Finland
Suomen Bioanalyytikkoliitto ry
Finlands Bioanalytikerförbund rf

Milla Lupsakko

The Finnish Society of Clinical Neurophysiologic Nurses.

Kliinisen Neurofysiologian hoitajat ry


1st November 2012

As President of OSET, I wish the Organising Committee of this 10th OSET Congress an enjoyable and rewarding few years while producing this Congress.

The Organising Committee, consisting of Members from The Association of Biomedical Laboratory Scientists in Finland and also from The Finnish Society of Clinical Neurophysiologic Nurses, is highly motivated and dedicated to bringing to you a Congress that is in a beautiful location, with an educational and stimulating program and, of course, a memorable social calendar.  I have great faith in these societies to produce a high quality, professional Congress.

I encourage you to start planning for your attendance (and maybe presentation) at this congress to continue to build your professional network and to immerse yourself in the Finnish atmosphere.  Please also consider contacting the Organising Committee if you have any particular comments regarding expectations for the Congress.

I look forward to making many new friendships in 2015.

Best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

Ms Angela Borbelj                                                        
President OSET