Welcome to the Seventh Nordic Mammography Screening Symposium!

The city of Turku, Finland (Åbo in Swedish) is the site of our next Symposium, which has become the primary forum for the Nordic radiologists and radiology technologists working with mammography screening. This will be the first of these Nordic Symposia to be held in Finland, where the nationwide screening program began in January, 1987. During the 2½-day Symposium we will concentrate on recent updates of screening results from all the Nordic countries and present a special one-day session devoted to the workup of the small breast tumors detected at screening. This will include the use of special mammographic, ultrasound and MRI methods, to be presented as an integrated teaching session by three of the most prominent experts in these fields, Professors László Tabár, Tom Stavros and Ulrich Bick.

The Symposium Venue will be the Turku City Theatre, a spacious and modern building right on the Aura River, close to the hotels and the city center. The Technical Exhibition will feature the full spectrum of equipment available for screening and evaluation of screening findings. The Symposium Banquet will be held in the historic Turku Castle as a re-creation of a renaissance banquet.

Best of all, the symposium will allow us all once again to meet our colleagues and friends and discuss common problems in both formal and informal settings. Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit will also be given to participating physicians and technologists.

Peter B. Dean, MD
Chairman of the Organizing Committee

The Symposium is organized under the auspices of the Radiological Society of Finland

The river Aura and the Turku Doom church

Photo: City of Turku