Guidelines for presenters

Guidelines for speakers

The lecture halls and seminar rooms have up-to-date audiovisual equipment. Your presentation can be given as a PowerPoint presentation. Also overhead projectors are available. Please let us know if you have any special requirements regarding AV equipment (

Downloading your presentation
Please bring your presentation on a USB stick to the lecture hall / seminar room, where your presentation takes place during a coffee break or lunch break before your presentation. There is an assistant in the lecture room to help you to download your presentation on the computer.

Guidelines for the presentation
-The duration of the presentation is 20 minutes. This includes discussion.
-Bring your presentation as a PowerPoint file (preferably PC Windows version) on your USB-stick or CD-ROM. -We do not suggest using your own laptop in the lecture hall.
-If you bring your own CD-ROM, please make sure that the disc is readable with a standard PC.
-Avoid using CD-RW discs, which may not be readable with all computers.

Please note that all presentations are SINGLE slide, double projection is NOT possible.


Guidelines for the poster session

-The space available for the poster is 88 cm (width) x 118 cm (height).
-Posters must be fixed to the boards with pins.
-Pins will be available at the poster area.
-The poster boards will be numbered and there will be a list of all posters and their numbers at the poster area.
-Your poster should be on display during the poster session on Tuesday 9th of June, between 17.00 and 19.00.
-Kindly attach your poster on Tuesday between 8.00 and 16.30. The posters can be taken down on Tuesday after 19.00 at the earliest and on Thursday before 14.00 at the latest.
-We kindly ask you to be present by your poster during the poster session.

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