Congress Theme

Nordic Perspectives of Lifelong Learning in the New Europe – comparative considerations of the educational space

The nation states cannot act in isolation from each other. The European research on education is going through fast transformations and the supranational politics of education are crossing national borders. This affects also the Nordic countries. What will remain of the “Nordic model of education” and the values and practices of Nordic educational policy, if there has ever been such? Will the aim of the education become mainly a means of economical, national and personal competition in segregated branches or will it remain a crucial part of national culture, civil society and social inclusion and cohesion? What shall be the reality of the so-called Lifelong Learning compared with the traditional formal educational systems in different countries? What has the Nordic research on education to give and to say of learning? These questions and many others are asked in the congress and its numerous NERA/NFPF networks, which present the differing individual, classroom, school and educational system perspectives, and the political views on learning, teaching and education.