(The below files are in PDF format.)

SYMPOSIUM 1: Adult Learners' Formation of Identity in a Situated Learning Perspective

SYMPOSIUM 2: A Nordic Perspective on the Professional Teacher Role

SYMPOSIUM 3: Bourdieu and Foucault in Educational Research

SYMPOSIUM 4: Changing University, Academic Capitalism and New Markets in Europe

SYMPOSIUM 5: Designs for Learning, DidaktikDesign at LHS

SYMPOSIUM 6: Education and Individualising Technologies

SYMPOSIUM 7: Education in 'Multicultural' Societies - Some Swedish Perspectives

SYMPOSIUM 8: Empowerment in Action Research?

SYMPOSIUM 9: Global pressures - local policies. Evaluation of politics and policies of evaluation at local level of schooling in Nordic countries

SYMPOSIUM 10: Learning Democracy

SYMPOSIUM 11: Learning to Learn

SYMPOSIUM 12: Literacy within and for Professions

SYMPOSIUM 13: Narrative Rationality in Lifelong Learning

SYMPOSIUM 14: New Directions in the Preparation of Educational Leaders

SYMPOSIUM 15: Recent Trends and Challenges in Research on Politics of Education

SYMPOSIUM 16: Research on Infants and Toddlers within Early Childhood Education

SYMPOSIUM 17: Success in Danish School Leadership

SYMPOSIUM 18: Symposium in Memory of Professor Gunni Kärrby: Preschool Children and Preschool Education

SYMPOSIUM 19: Teachers Struggling with Time in a School that Learns

SYMPOSIUM 20: The Nordic Educational Research Concept of Ability: Children's and Parents' Perceptions

SYMPOSIUM 21: To Become or not Become a 'Math-person'. Mathematics Shaping Children’s, Youths’ and Students’ Gendered Subjectivites