General Information


The annual meeting of NFPF/NERA will take place on Friday, March 16, at 15.00 – 16.00 at EDU1.


The book exhibition takes place in the second floor hall of Educarium building. The participants are invited to see the book exhibition during the whole congress but especially during the poster session on Friday, March 16 at 15.00 – 16.15.


Coffee, tea and other refreshments are available during the scheduled coffee breaks. They are served from stations in Educarium and Publicum buildings.


There are computer facilities in Educarium building in rooms 341, 453 and 454. There are also some computers in the halls with internet access. In case you wish to use your own computer and the wireless internet access, you can ask for the password from the information desk.


Radisson SAS Marina Palace Hotel
Address: Linnankatu 32, 20100 Turku
Tel. +358 20 1234 710, fax +358 20 1234 711

Sokos Hotel Hamburger Börs
Address: Kauppiaskatu 6, 20100 Turku
Tel. +358 2 337 381, fax +358 2 231 1010

Sokos Hotel Seurahuone
Address: Eerikinkatu 23, 20100 Turku
Tel. +358 2 337 301, fax +358 2 337 2200

Holiday Club Caribia
Kongressikatu 1, 20540 Turku
Tel. +358 2 651 111

Holiday Inn Turku
Eerikinkatu 28, 20100 Turku
Tel. +358 2 338 211, fax +358 338 2299

Scandic Hotel Julia
Eerikinkatu 4, 20110 Turku
Tel. +358 2 336 000, fax +358 2 336 02211

Centro Hotel
Yliopistonkatu 12 A, 20110 Turku
Tel. +358 2 469 0469, fax +358 2 469 0479

Bridgettine Convent Guest House
Ursininkatu 15 A, 20100 Turku
Tel. +358 2 250 1910, fax +358 2 250 3078


The congress language is English. However, contributions at paper, round table and poster sessions may be presented in the Nordic languages when special requests to do so have been registered in advance. Presentations in Nordic languages are placed at the end of the sessions. Symposium sessions will be conducted in English only. Please note that, with the exception of Finnish Sign Language (for which requests must be made in advance), no interpreting services will be provided.


The Congress is held in the campus area of the University of Turku at Educarium, Publicum, Calonia and Arcanum buildings. The information desk is located in Educarium and the majority of the events take place in Educarium. Parallel sessions will also take place in other buildings. The coffee will be served during the breaks in all of these buildings. (Visiting address of the Educarium building is Assistentinkatu 5.)


The information desk is located in the entrance hall of the Educarium building. The onsite telephone numbers of the Congress Office are +358 40 565 6716 and +358 400 740 279.


Neither The University of Turku nor the Organising Committee can accept any responsibility whatsoever for injury or damage to persons or property during the Congress.


The lunch will be served in the Restaurant Macciavelli and in the Gym Hall at the Educarium building on Friday and Saturday at 12.00. Lunches are included in the registration fee. Your name badge is your ticket to lunch.


Messages, news and updates are posted on a notice board near the information desk in Educarium.


Your name badge is your entrance ticket for all sessions, lunches and refreshments during the Congress. Please wear it throughout the Congress.


Paper authors are expected to bring a reasonable number of copies of their paper for distribution at the paper sessions. If you need to make further copies, you can buy copy cards from the library of Educational and Social Sciences in Educarium building. You will find copying machines in the library and in the first floor of Educarium. The opening hours of the library are on Thursday 9.00 – 19.00 and on Friday 9.00 – 16.00.


Posters will be displayed in the fourth floor hall of the Educarium building throughout the Congress. The Poster session takes place on Friday, March 16 at 15.00 – 16.15. Presenters are expected to be by their posters during the poster session. Posters should, be put up at the start of the congress and left there till the closing of the congress. You will find boards in the Educarium building’s fourth floor hall for this purpose. The boards are unmarked and placing is optional.


Students at the Department of Education provide assistance with practical matters during the Congress, in addition to Congress information desk staff. They are wearing a black t-shirt bearing NFPF/NERA logo.