NFPF /NERA is the main association for educational researchers in the Nordic countries. It is a basis for cooperation and development of educational research. It is open for everyone that has an interest in educational research in the Nordic context.

NFPF /NERA has a number of activities. One is the yearly congress, where researchers meet and discuss their research work. The journal Nordisk Pedagogik / Nordic Educational Research is another important part of NFPF/NERA. There is also a network structure where researchers can meet around common special interests.


NFPF / NERA Membership

NERA membership includes a subscription to the NERA journal (Nordisk Pedagogik) and gives you the benefit of reduced rates for all NERA (and also EERA) congresses. To benefit from your membership at the 2007 Congress, please register as a member using the registration form on the NFPF/NERA website.

NERA Membership prices:
Regular membership: NOK 560:-
Student membership: NOK 420:-

NERA as an association is a member in European Educational Research Association (EERA). Membership in NERA grants an automatic membership in EERA and a reduction of the fees of participating in ECER's Congresses. Members of NERA can, moreover, order Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research at half price.

The official NERA website: http://www.nfpf.net