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Welcome to Fragile Subjects Conference!

We warmly welcome you to this international conference on childhood in literature, arts and medicine, organized by research project “Fragile Subjects” and the Department of Finnish Literature at the University of Turku, Finland. The conference addresses the idea and historicity of childhood; its changing meanings in modernity and postmodernity. How are childhood and different child figures constructed in society and in cultural artefacts? What is the role of medicine in shaping ideas of childhood? These and other questions will be discussed at the conference both by keynote speakers and in various theme sessions.

Keynote speakers are:

Maria Nikolajeva (Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge)
Sally Shuttleworth (Professor, Faculty of English Language and Literature and St Anne's College University of Oxford)
Valerie Walkerdine (Distinguished Research Professor, Cardiff University)

Conference organizer:
Project “Fragile Subjects: Childhood in Finnish Literature and Medicine, 1850s–2000s (funded by Academy of Finland)
Päivi Lappalainen, Jutta Ahlbeck, Kati Launis & Kirsi Tuohela
Dept. of Finnish Literature, University of Turku

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