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Film festival

First International Parasite Film Festival: The battle for the Golden Louse (pdf)

The 1st International Parasite Film Festival will be arranged in Turku, Finland, on July 20th to 24th, 2016.
The Festival is open for submission of all kinds of parasite movies in the following categories:

  1. Classic information and education films
    Films may be old or new. No fee.
  2. Vintage commercials
    If the product is not on the market anymore, participation is free.
  3. Modern commercials
    If the product still is marketed, registration fee is 300 € per film no longer than 5 minutes, and 500 € for longer ones.
  4. Parasites in mainstream movies
    Trailers. No fee.
  5. Shorts
    The making of the film may not have received funding from governmental or commercial sources. Indies, the kind of films frequently found on the Internet. No fee.
  6. Parasitic point of view
    Other parasite movies. The postmodern society seen from the parasite metaphor viewpoint. Parasite Musicals. Science of Parasitology Fiction (scipafi)… Fantasy is the limit. No fee.

The organizer of the 1st International Parasite Film Festival is FINPAR in collaboration with Aalto University. Budget is low, but Golden Louse Prix will be awarded in every Category. Grand Echinophthirus horridus Prix will be awarded to the First Best International Parasite Film 2016.

The 1st International Parasite Film Festival is open to all EMOP XII Delegates, but also to others interested. Because our movie theatres are limited in size, we recommend to arrive in good time.

The Jury reserves the right to nominate submitted films based on parasitological and artistical qualifications. The Jury encourages everybody to submit Parasite Films to the Festival.

Films will be displayed by digital movie projector or on a screen, thus digital format is required. In exceptional cases, the organizers may be able to digitalize lost-and-found gems.

Contact information:
Antti Oksanen Antti.Oksanen@evira.fi