Words of Welcome


The ECEM series of conferences was commenced in 1981 by Professor Rudolf Groner in Bern. Over the years, the conferences have proven to be very successful in fulfilling their ultimate goal of bringing together researchers from various disciplines with an interest in eye movements. With ECEM’s genuinely interdisciplinary nature, it significantly differs from many other conference series. Indeed it is quite a challenge to gather together scientists from such diverse disciplines as, for example, neurophysiology and computer science. The fact that the conference series has now existed for 20 years is a clear proof that this enterprise has been worthwhile. As delegates of previous conferences can certify, new insights can indeed be gained by talking and listening to other specialists with a keen interest on eye movements - whether an interest in eye behavior per se or as a method to study mental or brain functions. As the organizers of ECEM11, we trust that sharing expertise across disciplines will continue to be fruitful. With the increasing popularity of the eye-tracking method and the recent developments in the registration techniques, the need for a forum such as ECEM is more present than ever.

This is the first time ECEM will be organized in Scandinavia. Turku is the oldest university city and the former capital of Finland. The first Finnish university was founded in Turku in 1640. When Helsinki became the capital, the university was subsequently moved to Helsinki in 1827. A new university was founded in Turku in 1920, and it is now the second largest university in Finland with a student body of about 16 000 students.

Turku is located on the southwestern corner of Finland. The beautiful Turku Archipelago consists of thousands of islands. Another central feature of the town is the Aura river that runs through the town center. The prominence of the river is reflected in the Swedish name of Turku - Åbo - which translates to ‘river people'. Including its suburban towns, the Turku area has a population of a quarter of a million. Turku is easily reachable by air via Helsinki, Stockholm or Copenhagen.

We warmly invite you to Turku to present your latest discoveries and to learn new insights from colleagues from all over the world. We are fully prepared to do our best to continue the success of ECEM and to make your stay here as pleasant as possible.


Jukka Hyönä

Chairman of the Organizing Committee

Photo: Ola Laiho