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We cordially invite you to participate in the 7th International Chromosome Segregation and Aneuploidy Workshop, which will be held in Naantali, Finland, June 16-20, 2007. The workshop is organized by an International Organizing Committee who welcomes you to this premier scientific meeting for cell division and chromosome instability researchers from around the world. The sessions of the Workshop represent the various molecular mechanisms of cell division, and their malfunction, in both somatic cells and in meiotic systems. Traditionally the meeting has brought together top scientists from the fields of basic mitosis and meiosis research as well as leading mutagenesis/cancer scientists. This year the Workshop will also focus to cell division as a pharmacological target as well as highlight the latest achievements on relevant imaging technologies and mitosis high-throughput screening. Abstract submission and its acceptance by the selection committee is a prerequisite for the Workshop attendance.

Naantali, the Workshop host city is one of the oldest towns in Finland dating back to 1443, when the Brigittine Convent received its charter. The city with its population of 14.000 is located in the southwestern corner of Finland and is only 10 kilometres from the City of Turku, a home to three universities. The Naantali area is also well known for its location in a beautiful archipelago with a number of outdoor activities such as fishing and sailing. As Naantali hosts the Presidents summer residence Kultaranta, the Moomin World, a Convent Church as well as various cultural events, it is hardly surprising that recent surveys rate Naantali as the best town in Finland for tourists.

The Workshop venue, Naantali Spa is the finest conference hotel in the Nordic countries. The spa offers splendid recreation and relaxation options as well as professional conference services. The time of the meeting, mid June, is a pleasant season in Southwest Finland with mostly sunny weather and daylight extending beyond 11 PM.

There are good flight connections to the international airport of Turku from Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen. The Naantali Spa is a 30 minute drive from the airport. There is frequent ferry service to Sweden and other destinations on the Baltic Sea from Turku Harbour. The attractions in Finland, in the Scandinavian countries and in St. Petersburg, Russia and Tallinn, Estonia can be easily reached from Naantali-Turku area.

The confirmed speakers include:
Doxsey Stephen, Professor, Univ. Massachusetts Medical School, USA
Earnshaw William, Professor, Inst. Cell and Molecular Biology, Univ. Edinburgh, UK
Eichenlaub-Ritter Ursula, Professor, University of Bielefeld, Germany
Gorbsky Gary, Professor and program chair, OMRF, USA
Hardwick Kevin, Principal Investigator, Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biol., Univ. Edinburgh, UK
Kallioniemi Olli, Professor, VTT Medical Biotechnology, Finland
Karess Roger, Research Director, CNRS, Centre for Molecular Genetics, France
Maiato Helder, Principal Investigator, Inst. Molecular and Cellular Biology, Univ. Porto, Portugal
Nigg Erich, Director, Dept Cell Biol., Max Plank Inst. Biochemistry, Germany
Sluder Greenfield, Professor, Univ. Massachusetts Medical School, USA
Stukenberg Todd, Associate Professor, Dept. Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, UVA, USA
Tsao George, Professor, Dept Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, University of Hong Kong, China
Sunkel Claudio, Professor, Institute for Molecular and Cellular Biology, Portugal
Vallee Richard, Professor, Dept of Pathology, Columbia University, USA
Vaughan Kevin T., Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame, USA
Wordeman Linda, Professor, University of Washington School of Medicine, USA
Yamamoto Tadashi, Professor, Inst. Medical Science, University of Tokyo, Japan
Yanagida Mitsuhiro, Professor, Dept. Gene Mechanism, Kyoto University, Japan
and many more…

Our meeting would no be possible without the contributions from the following sponsors and exhibitors.

Academy of Finland
Applied Precision, LLC
Bayer Schering Pharma AG
City of Naantali
Intelligent Imaging Innovations GmbH

Molecular Devices - part of MDS Analytical Technologies, USA
Olympus Finland
Oriola Oy, Finland
Photonic Instruments Inc., USA
Springer Berlin / Heidelberg
University of Turku Foundation
VTT Biotechnology, Finland

We look forward to seeing you in Naantali,

Marko Kallio
Member of the organizing committee and local host