Welcome to Turku

Turku is the oldest university town and the former capital of Finland. For centuries the city of Turku has functioned as a gateway between Finland and rest of Europe - a gateway through which knowledge, culture and modern ideas have spread throughout the country. Today Turku is a modern academic town with charm of the past times.

The city has grown on the banks of the river Aura in Southwest Finland. At summertime the riversides form a common living room for everyone to share. Along the river are located the old centre, harbour and most of the attractions like the cathedral and the castle, as well as several hotels, cafes and restaurants – all within walking distance. The city has a rich cultural life with music festivals, fine museums and art galleries. Turku is also a city where nature is always near. It is surrounded by thousands of islands – the beautiful archipelago. At the time of the congress in August the weather is usually pleasant with warm days continuing to warm, dark nights.

We have the privilege to invite you to the 2nd Turku Traumatic Brain Injury Symposium on 26-28 August 2015.
The theme of the congress is  the state of art of neuroimaging in TBI and clinical correlates of neuroimaging.

You will find the programme here. During the symposium you will have excellent possibilities to meet brain injury oriented researchers and clinicians from different specialties. We have succeeded in inviting distinguished speakers from Europe and USA to expose the latest in neuroimaging of TBI. There will be interactive sessions and networking throughout the symposium.

We look forward to meeting you all!

On behalf of the 2nd TTBIS Organising Committee and the Turku TBI research group,

Olli Tenovuo
Olli Tenovuo
Olli Tenovuo
Adj. Prof. of Neurology and Neurotraumatology
Head of Rehabilitation and Brain Trauma Care
University of Turku and Turku University Hospital

University of Turku & Turku Brain and Mind Center