Thursday, 12 May 2011
12.00- Registration
13.00-15.30 Pre-Satellite - Astra Tech (click the title to open the programme)
Impact of Bladder Dysfunction in MS






Workshop 1 (click the title to open the programme)
Assessment in Physical Rehabilitation - Focus on Mobility
max 50 persons

15.30-16.00 Coffee

Workshop 2
Multidisciplinary goal setting - GAS
Diane Playford (UK)
max 50 persons

  Registration at the conference site
19.30-21.00 Welcome Party
Friday, 13 May 2011
8.00-9.00 Registration at the conference site
9.00-9.15 Opening remarks
Juhani Ruutiainen, local organiser
Tom Grönberg, President, Finnish MS Society
Eija Luoto, RIMS President
9.15-10.00 Plenary lecture 1 Chair: Claudio Solaro (IT)
Research in MS physiotherapy: Pitfalls and recommendations
Jenny Freeman (UK)
10.00-11.00 SESSION 1 - MS today
Chairs:Kari Majamaa (FI), Peter Feys(B)

Improved survival in MS
Nils Koch-Henriksen (DK)
The Role of vitamin D in MS from fetus to oldest age
Merja Soilu-Hänninen (FI)
Falls in MS: frequency, risk factors & prevention
Davide Cattaneo (IT)
11.00-11.30 Coffee & posters
11.30-12.30 Platform presentations 1 Chair:Thomas Henze (DE), Peter Feys (BE)
8 min + 2 min for questions
When a rehabilitation team vibrates: how can we care for person with MS requesting Euthanasia - an explorative study, An van Nunen (BE)
The effects of heat on cognition in patients with MS, Ikonen A (FI)
●Summary of eye exams of 284 patients wih MS, Roodhooft JM (BE)
●Validity of scales rating upper limb in people with Multiple Sclerosis, Bertoni R (I)
●Mobile accelerometry to assess mobility in outpatient MS patients - test-retest evaluation in a pilot study, Götze N (D)
Small closed virtual communities. Case: Power and Support from the Net - Rehabilitation Courses for People with Multiple Sclerosis, Heikkinen M (FI)
12.30-13.30 Lunch & posters
SESSION 2 - Parallel sessions
parallel session1



The Role of Psychology and Neuropsychology in MS Rehabilitation
Chair: L Vahter (EE)

Psychological Interventions in MS - an update
Liina Vahter, (EE)
What works, why and for whom? Psychodynamic psychotherapy with PwMS in Denmark: Qualitative and quantitative outcomes
Michael Nissen, (DK)
Neuropsychological interventions in MS – an update
Päivi Hämäläinen, (FI)
parallel session 2





Physical rehabilitation for MS:  assessment, content, education
Chairs: Claudio Solaro (IT), Paul Van Asch (BE)
Introduction & RIMS multi-center studies on walking Assessment in MS, Domien Gijbels (BE), Peter Feys, (BE)
Towards an Inventory of the Content of Physical Rehabilitation in Europe
Kamila Rasova (CR), Thomas Henze (DE)
Promotion of Physical Activity Behaviour in persons with MS: a multi-level program in Flanders
Paul Van Asch (BE)
Treatment of Balance and Gait in MS: goals of SIG Meeting in 2011, Carme Santoyo (ES)
parallel session 3


15.30 – 16.00

The Finnish MS Society - 40 years for a good life
In Finnish only
Suomen MS-liitto: 40 vuotta MS potilaan arjen parhaaksi (vain suomeksi, klikkaa otsikkoa niin ohjelma avautuu) Announcement of Finnish MS Foundation’s 2011 Awards for MS Research

15.00-16.00 Satellite symposium - Novartis
Chair: Prof Risto Roine (FI)
New Strategies in Drug Treatment in MS
Prof Xavier Montalban (ES)
16.00-16.30 Coffee & posters
16.30-17.30 SESSION 3 - Challenges for Compliance and Patient Education Chairs: Helena Leino-Kilpi (FI), Vicky Matthews (UK)
The role of PwMS in important desision making
C Heesen (DE)
The (potential) role of specialist MS nurses in patient information and decision support
S Köpke (DE)
Knowing is one thing Living is another; how to ensure people with MS can stay with treatments
N MacLeod (UK)
17.30-18.30 RIMS General Assembly
RIMS 20 year´s celebration – Dr Pierre Ketelaer (BE)
Elections for Executive Board Members
19.30 Dinner at Turku VPK-talo / The Turku fire brigade convention house
Saturday, 14 May 2011
8.00-9.00 Reserved for General Assembly (for members only)
9.00-9.45 Plenary lecture 2
Age and Disability in MS
Alan Thompson (UK)
9.45-10.45 SESSION 4 - From evidence to practise
Chairs: Christoph Heesen (DE)
, Pierre Ketelaer (BE)
National program to set standards for MS rehabilitation
Tiina Suomela-Markkanen (FI)
Recommendations for Neuropsychogical
rehabilitation in MS
Päivi Hämäläinen (FI)
Using GAS for goal setting in MS
Thamar JH Bovend'Eerdt (NL)
10.45-11.15 Coffee & posters
11.15-12.15 Satellite symposium - Biogen Idec
Chair: Adjunct prof Merja Soilu-Hänninen (FI)
The safety profile of current and emerging MS drugs
Prof Jan Lycke (SE)
12.15-13.15 Platform presentations 2
Chairs: Judith Luzt (CH), Claudio Solaro (IT)

8 min + 2 min for questions
SaGAS 20/10 a revised and simplified version of SaGAS
(Short and Graphic Ability Score) as a complement to the EDSS for the moderately disabled patients with MS, Vaney C (CH)
A teleconferecne-delivered program increases the use
and effectiveness of fatigue management strategies among PwMS, Finlayson M (USA)
Relationship between 10-meter timed walk test and community walking in MS, Kempen JCE (NL)
●Autonomy preferences, risk knowledge and decision making performance in MS (AutoMS): the control preference scale, Solari A (I)
Influence of waterdimension of on cytokine
response durimg 3 weeks standardized training on PwMS, Bansi J (CH)
Heat stress worsens physical functioning in persons with MS, Romberg A (FI)
13.15-14.15 Lunch & posters
14.15-15.30 SESSION 5 - Are the mountains too high?
Chairs: Claude Vaney (CH), Ingrid Galan (ES)
Is physical activity reduced or not in MS?
Anders Romberg (FI)
Effects of exercise therapy on walking, fatique, and quality of life
Peter Feys (BE)
Community based exercise programmes for people with MS
Susan Coote (IE)

Case report: What happened in Mount Ventoux?
Paul van Asch (BE)
15.30-16.00 Closing Remarks
Eija Luoto, RIMS President
RIMS Best Poster Award
RIMS Best Platform Presentation Award
Welcome to 2012 RIMS Conference
16.00 Refreshments